Frequently asked questions

What is a coach?


A coach is a guide who empowers you to make sustainable changes that improve your overall well-being and happiness. Think of a coach as your personal cheerleader, dedicated to helping you be your best self. Various coaching styles focus on different areas and require special expertise. Overall, coaches provide ongoing support and guidance in all aspects of your life such as health, relationships, career, spirituality, physical activity, creativity, and more.

Is coaching for me?


If you’re looking for improvements in your life, need guidance to overcome challenges, or want to achieve personal or professional goals, working with a coach is the best choice. If you’re prepared to make changes and committed to growth, investing in yourself will help you save time and avoid trial and error, leading you more efficiently to success.

Our vetted coaches work with individuals who:

  • Take personal growth seriously.
  • Want to take control of their health and life
  • Are committed to putting in the necessary work.
  • Crave a healthier and happier lifestyle.
  • Desire to become their best selves.
  • Are ready to explore their full potential.

Why work with a coach?


Transformational coaching goes beyond the surface; it’s about embracing a holistic approach to your well-being. Every aspect of your life influences your overall health and happiness. For those who feel stuck or unsure of where to start, working with a personal development coach can empower you to be your best self. If you’re working toward a goal, your coach will help you create a personalized plan of action and hold you accountable.

How do I know if I need a coach?


Perhaps you’ve experienced the following:

  • Something holds you back from feeling your best.
  • Your goals seem too hard to reach on your own.
  • Quick fixes fail to provide long-lasting solutions.
  • Information overload leaves you unsure of what’s right for you.
  • You’ve tried the self-help approach but failed to improve.

If this resonates, then working with our coaches could be the key to breaking down barriers and reaching your goals.

How does coaching work?


Coaching is a collaborative process between you and your coach that begins by assessing your situation, goals, and challenges. Your coach will help you develop new skills, habits, and mindsets essential for achieving your goals. For best results, we encourage a long-term relationship with your coach.

What can coaching help me achieve?


Coaching can help you achieve several different goals and be your best self. Maybe the best version of yourself is…

  • Finding balance in your day-to-day life.
  • Deepening connections with yourself and others.
  • Losing weight and wearing your favorite outfits again.
  • Being in a happy relationship with your partner.
  • Living a healthy, pain-free, medication-free life.
  • Running with your kids without getting out of breath.

With expert guidance, support, and motivation, you can be on your way to reaching your goals and living the life you’ve always desired.

How long till I see results?


Results vary based on individual circumstances and goals. Generally, it takes a minimum of three months to change behavior and create a new habit. For more significant challenges, a six-month or longer commitment may be necessary.

What does a coaching session look like?


Every session is different, depending on your needs. You and your coach will talk about your personalized plan, assess progress, and celebrate successes. If there are any obstacles, together you’ll uncover blockages, and explore alternative perspectives to make sure you’re on the right track.

How is coaching different from therapy?


Personal development coaching services focus on the present and future, whereas therapy aims to heal past events. Coaching does not address mental health issues but creates self-awareness about choices and practical steps toward achieving dreams and goals.

Who are your coaches?


We have a diverse range of experienced online health, life, and personal development coaches, all passionate about helping people reach their goals and carefully vetted by our team. Each coach brings a unique approach, expertise, and background, so you can find one you resonate with the most.

How do you vet your coaches?


We take the vetting process for our coaches seriously. We only accept coaches by invitation, which means we first screen potential candidates based on several criteria, such as experience, client success, training, and level of expertise.

After the initial screening, we conduct interviews to assess the coaches holistically. Compassion, empathy, and passion to help others are traits we look for in coaches. This thorough process ensures that only quality coaches join our platform, ensuring you get the best possible outcomes.

What is the difference between an online session and program?


A 1:1 online session is a video call with your coach focused on addressing specific concerns or providing guidance and advice in a single, standalone session. A program is a series of outcome-driven sessions that usually go for 8-12 weeks or more, depending on your needs, and are focused on helping you achieve long-term, sustainable results.