On Demand Coaching Session

by Suzanne Levy

Get 20% off the first session




1-1 Sessions


30 / 45 minutes


60 USD for your first session
then 75 USD per session


What you'll achieve


Get clarity on where you are currently.


Clarify options that will best serve you.


Decide on next steps.

Who this is for


This session is for you if you have a current situation and need in-the-moment clarity and coaching.

What you’ll need


Still need more clarity? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

What is coaching?


Coaching is a professional partnership between two people that can create extraordinary results in lives. Coaching helps women and men develop a personalized plan to enhance performance and positive change, in both their personal and professional lives utilizing goal setting and behavior change strategies. As a coach, I use evidence-based best practices to help clients access their strengths and skills in order to enhance well-being and make sustainable positive transformation.

What kinds of goals can coaching help me with?


Coaching can be of benefit in almost any area of life. Some clients come to coaching with specific health and/or wellness goals. Others want to become more confident, feel more empowered, or learn to manage stress more effectively. A good coach can help you learn to limit negative self-talk or beliefs that are holding you back from fulfilling your potential. Some clients come to coaching because they are feeling stuck and lack direction for their lives, and are seeking clarity to move forward.

How is coaching different from therapy?


Coaching is about moving forward in our life - achieving our goals and becoming the person we want to be. Therapy is generally about helping clients work through past trauma and mental health challenges that are hindering their well-being.

What is a coaching session like?


You and your coach will discuss your goals - what you want to accomplish and what’s been holding you back. Together you’ll figure out what where you need to grow and what you need to improve, and develop a plan to make it happen. As you plan for next steps and move forward, your coach will support you, keep you accountable, help you navigate challenges and keep going. Having a coach is similar to having a personal trainer but for your life and what you want to achieve.